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Digital Marketing advice and help when needed

Have you ever needed some help with your digital marketing but couldn't afford hundreds or thousands of dollars for a few questions to be answered? Don't worry, you are not alone.

My On-Demand service is designed to give all business owners the chance to get help or advice with their digital marketing needs. This is done through a fixed fee of $99 a month allowing you to get as much help as you need when you need it.

Unlimited Help/Advice

That's right, there are no limits to how much help or advice you can ask. Whenever you need it, day or night, easy or hard I will be there to help.

Fixed Monthly Rate

The price will never change no matter how much help you've received, you will be charged a fixed monthly fee of $99 and that is all.

Available When Needed

Whenever you have a question or need some help all you need to do is message me and I will give you a response ASAP. No complex forms or questionnaires needed.

All Types Of Digital Marketing

There are many different types of digital marketing, to name a few: Digital Ads, SEO, Website Optimization, Email Campaigns, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and even LinkedIn.

How It Works


Join (Order)

It all starts with you signing up for the monthly On-Demand Digital Marketing Consulting service. This is easily done by clicking the blue order button above. You'll then be taken to a simple order form and to provide some basic details.


Get Access

Once you have joined I'll get in touch and provide you access to my direct WhatsApp number and also a direct email address. This will allow you to get in contact with me whenever I'm needed.


Ask For Help/Advice

Whenever you need help or advice in regards to digital marketing, all you need to do is send me a message. If it is something that may require a call, all you need to do is let me know and we can arrange a time to talk together. There are no limits to how much help you need.


Get The Answer

Once I have received and read your message I'll get in contact ASAP, providing the answer, information or advice you need. There are no extra costs or upsells no matter what, always giving you quality help and genuine advice.

Got Questions?

Frequently asked questions

Are there any limits to how much help I can get?
No, there are no limits. Whenever you need help, all you have to do is let me know.
Are there any contracts or minimum terms?
No, there are no contracts or minimum terms. It is a monthly subscription of $99 and you can cancel at any time.
What type of digital marketing can you help with?
There are many different types I can help with. To name a few:
- Digital Ads (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn)
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Website Design/Optimization
- Email Marketing / Cold Emailing
- Digital Marketing Strategy
How do I talk to you when I've joined?
Predominantly, conversations are done over WhatsApp- this ensures that no messages are missed and allows communication on ease. If needed, other channels can be used, such as Email or Skype.
What is the average time frame for a response?
Average response time is within an hour, but due to clients coming from different time zones, I can't always be available. Messages will always be answered within 24 hours.
Are there any other costs involved?
No, there are no other costs involved. The only fee is $99 per month. You will never be charged for anything else.

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