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No matter what kind of business you have you will always need a website. This is the place where potential customers will learn the most about you and also where they learn to trust you. Having a well designed and effective website is a must.

With my web design and development service, you'll get a high quality, well designed and a websit that is made to suit your business. You wil find below my 3 main website development packages.

Got Questions?

Frequently asked questions

What are website pages?
What you need depends on your business and also what you want your website to be like.

You can find out more at

What are the renew costs?
Each year you will need to pay for your domain name and hosting renew. A domain name renew is on average $30 per year and hosting will only cost $10 per year with me. Your first year for your domain name and hosting is including in all my web design packages.
Do I have to host my website with you?
No, if you have your own hosting provider or want to handle it yourself just let me know and I can help you upload the website files to your own hosting account.
What is On-Page SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What On-Page SEO is, is when I develop your website to be Google-friendly and increase your chances of ranking to the top pages of Google for your business's services.
Can you upgrade my current website?
I sure can! It's best to get in touch with me and show me what your current website looks like. We can then go over what you looking for and how you can improve it.
Do I have to provide all content?
No, you don't have to provide all the content for the website. It makes it easier and quicker if you provide me details about the services you provide and a few paragraphs about your business or yourself.
How much does website design cost?
My website design packages range from $600 - $1800. This can include between 1 - 20 website pages. This is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

You can find my website packages here:

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